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Beijing Zaoshu Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-driven product-oriented company. Relying on machine learning and other cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, the company is dedicated to exploring the Internet data value in-depth, thereby providing available data value for various industries.

No need for any programming knowledge, by simply entering the URL and selecting the required data, one can easily access the Internet's public data. And download in the form of Excel, or use API to deeply integrate with the enterprise’s internal system. Zaoshu helps enterprises to save the R & D costs of web crawler and follow-up maintenance costs, so that the enterprises can be one step ahead in the era of efficiency.

Since its inception in October 2016, the company has received Angell Investment from Data StepUp and Future Capital. And the company turned out to be profitable in its first month of establishment. At present, Zaoshu has served more than 4,000 enterprise customers, including Lianjia, Zanadu, Yinyuetai, Sunlands, etc. And the cumulative number of crawled web pages has reached ten m illions.

Zaoshu Culture
Respect our Partners
In Zaoshu, flat management is highly valued. Your responsible person, who carry all the loads, belongs to the department called "Carrier"; if use a game character to describe them, it must be warrior, who carry a huge amount of workload and all the toughest tasks. So, please respect your responsible person, try not to OT.
Respect our Users
The best way to respect our users is to finish our obligated duty of the position as perfect as possible; we are dedicated to provide users with better products and to always respond to the needs of users in a timely manner.
Respect Technology
In Zaoshu, it is work output that can bring you trust and respect. The factors deciding whether you can get a raise are not just your output, but also include your work attitude, the respect to the power of technology, the faith in technology-driven value, the motivation of promoting data technology as well as business ambitions.
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