Tianjin Teda
Monitoring of second-hand housing trading
Tianjin Teda Investment Holdings

Tianjin Teda Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Teda Holdings") was established in December 2001, which is authorized by Tianjin Development Zone Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "Tianjin Development Zone") to exercise the management of state-owned assets. Teda Holdings’ total assets have reached 105 billion yuan. The scope of business involves finance, infrastructure, land development, industry, logistics, energy supply, transportation, exhibition, hotels and other industries.

Project Pain Point
Low productivity

Teda expands second-hand housing trading business, for which real-time and full-scale online housing prices are needed to be controlled.

High project cost

Online intermediary sites solidly protect their own data. In the long run, it is more difficult to obtain stable and real-time access to housing information, which is not conducive to ensuring business stability.

High maintenance costs

R & D team is undertaking heavy task; it is difficult to ensure long-term and stable maintenance work.

Our Solutions
Private and Customized Services

Zaoshu provides private and customized services; use self-developed and visualized operation interface to quickly configure data crawl tasks for all online housing sources.

Timed execution function

Zaoshu Cloud Crawler SaaS service provides timed execution that can automatically execute the tasks of all target sites and obtain the latest housing information.

Data storage service

Zaoshu Cloud Crawler SaaS Service provides data storage, which directly pushes the clean data to the customer's database, and then obtaining real-time dynamic thereof.

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