Online food safety monitoring
iCloudUnion Group

Chengdu iCloudUnion Group was founded in 2012 by Tao Zhou, China's leader in the field of big data. The Group is China's leading provider of big data solutions, which is committed to helping the Government and enterprises to design top-level planning of big data, and to providing customers with data collection, storage, management, analysis, application, visualization and other integrated services for big data industrial chain.

Project Pain Point
Low productivity

In order to monitor the food safety on line, a considerable amount of data referring the information of online ordering, and the stores of group-purchase platforms are needed; the data sources and data quantity are overwhelming.

High Maintenance costs

R & D team is undertaking heavy task; it is difficult to ensure long-term and stable maintenance work.

Our Solutions
Private and Customized Services

Zaoshu provides private and customized services; use self-developed and visualized operation interface to quickly configure some of the data platforms with easier access; when it comes to some of the platforms that are more difficult to obtain full-station information, the professional Crawler engineering team will carry out the development.

Visual interface operations

The unique visual operation interface of Zaoshu Cloud Crawler conducts data analysis based on visual effect, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost caused by each platform’s upgrade iteration.

Data storage service

Zaoshu Cloud Crawler SaaS Service provides data storage, which directly pushes the clean data to the customer's database, and then obtaining real-time dynamic thereof.

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