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Business Cooperation
Zaoshu made larger-scale data collection possible
Web crawler
Web crawler services can easily bypass the various types of frequency restrictions of Web site IP accesses, so as to provide escort for users to obtain data.
Real-time monitoring
Real-time access to the latest information; lead industry trend and drive strategic decisions
Business opportunity
Multidimensional mining of the business opportunities hidden in data, thereby strengthening marketing decisions
Customer evaluation
We provide solutions at all levels for businesses in all industries
The new generation of Zaoshu’s Cloud Crawler is simple but powerful. By simply click on data we want, all the data is collected and integrated to our own system. It greatly reduces the cost and improves the efficiency of data acquisition. Zaoshu Cloud Crawler is worthy of trial!
Yunyi Wu
Data Analyst of Baotianqi
Zaoshu’s cloud crawler service is powerful and easy to use.Even one without programming skills can use it’s WYSIWYG crawler configer to get data he want.Greatly reduced the difficulty of geting massive data !
Vice President of iCloudUnion
Zaoshu Cloud Crawler through a simple click operation completed data acquisition, coding-free, easy and efficient, save a lot of time and manpower, can be described as the best experience in the data acquisition industry.
Product Director
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