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BDP Personal Edition
Free visualized-data analysis device, with which dozens kinds of visualized charts can be generated by drag and drop; real-time data updates, simple and efficient!
Jing Dong Cloud
Relying on Jingdong’s years of technology accumulation in cloud computing, large data, IoT, and other aspects, Jing Dong Cloud provides for the users and personal webmasters stable, safe, and convenient solutions apart from cloud computing.
Optimal Data Easily is a mixed-ownership company initiated by the State Information Center. It is an institute and enterprise cooperation platform aiming for building big data transactions, innovative entrepreneurship, and top-level design run by the actual operator of Content Operations in State Information Center.
Data Castle
Date Castle is a professional data area where you can meet with your buddies to play games, to learn cutting-edge data courses, and to grow with a group of like-minded people.
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