A new generation of intelligent Cloud Crawler products
Obtain data without programing
Zaoshu use machine learning algorithms to easily extract the data you want from the list and details page. Even with personalized requirements, you can get tabulated data simply by clicking your mouse.
Get data from 5000+ links at once
By setting simple page-flipping rules, Zaoshu can automatically collect data from many site pages. Bid farewell to cumbersome configuration process; and access to data easily and efficiently.
Schedules & Result notification
Can freely set the time and period of crawler implementation, so as to facilitate task scheduling easily.Activate the push function; thereby the data upon the completion of the acquisition will be automatically pushed to the designated mailbox or WeChat account.
From List page to Detail page
Deep crawl is to collect the 'secondary pages' from websites, which can be used to obtain news articles, product details, and other details. Activate deep crawl while crawling the list pages, you can easily collect secondary-page data, thereby getting rid of repeated operations.
Page flip like a magic
When automatic page flip, click to load more, and automatic scrolling are required in the pages to be collected, Zaoshu can easily cope with them.
Intelligent Page Data Acquisition
Zaoshu provides data matching recommendations of common sites; as long as any common website is input, Zaoshu will apply intelligent matching algorithm to automatically match data for you; you only need to set the amount of data to be crawled, and then the data can be obtained; bid farewell to tedious manual click matching ever since.
Xpath and CSS Selector for Pro
Zaoshu provides advanced users with the data matching methods of Xpath and CSS Selector, making it easy to migrate from stand-alone crawlers to cloud-crawler clusters.
Full API support
The developer function of Zaoshu allows for the deep integration of Zaoshu and your system. Webhook, OpenAPI and many more extensions can further help you to effectively control the crawler execution and have easy access to the data after the implementation.
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